No person can do all, but all can do some is a life defining statement for me. I am a firm believer in humanity and that every small good thing will overturn a hundred evil things.

Life Mentoring

I have three young mentees, people that have not the experiences I have but have grown up in a world that I do not know much about. We help each other understand and we can talk about everything from love to careers. Sometimes it feels more like I am the mentee and I learn so much from them and their growth, they are 18, 24 and 30 in age.

Social Responsibility

During my time as a member of Odd Fellow I have many times challenged myself with the true values of humanity. As we discuss how we can help where it matters the most, from raising funds to orphanages or helping in the soup kitchens I grow every day with experiences, stories and meeting people I never would have met otherwise. I don’t have very much to give but I will give of myself every day. People are the differentiators.

LGBT Rights Advocate

Heading up Microsoft’s network for LGBTQ employees in Sweden (voted most LGBTQ friendly workplace in Sweden 2018) I have great experience in building stable networks from grass root level to long lasting strategic initiatives. As a advocate for the LGBTQ movement I have many years helped organize the Pride event and Parade in Stockholm and this have given me also abilities to work with gender, ethnicity and many other exciting areas to grow as a person and see beyond unconscious bias.

Community Responsibility

Since 2001 I am active in the Swedish National Protection Forces which is a part of the Swedish Armed Forces and is responsible for maintaining order and to defend our territory. Not because I believe in wars, but because I believe what we have developed as a community over the last 200 years is unique. We have a society that is open, accepting and welcoming. That are values I would defend if need be. Also, it is an excellent platform to grow as a leader and to get perspective on all the things we take for granted today. I also give free CPR and First Aid training to people who are field workers to make sure they are prepared for all that can happen.

Current Engagements

Mörtnäs Road Association, Alternate Board Member
EC Education, YIH Program Board, Commercial Commissioner
Swedish Military Athletics Federation, National Team President
Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Officer

Previous Engagements

PowerShell Users Group, Organizer
Mörtnäs Home Owners Association, Board Member
International Association of Microsoft Certified Trainers, Founder
Microsoft Extended Experts Team, Charter Member
Springboard Technical Experts Board, Charter Member
Gripen Field and Target Shooting Club, Board Member