Speaking & Services

For many years I have been working as a trainer for the Swedish defense forces, and still do that today, but I actually started in the early 2000 with IT-security training as the first agency and distributer for Stonegate Firewall in Sweden. I deliver engaging, real-life and close-to-earth lectures that engage and brings any story to life.

Lectures & Public Speaking
I regularly deliver lectures and public speaking engagements within Information Security and Identity, IPv6 and related areas. I do speeches for non-for profits and partners and large events as time permits but most of my speeches today is for Microsoft and my professional career. Here are some examples of the biggest Microsoft related events.

  • Vision Days (2016, 2018)
  • TechX (2015,2016,2017)
  • Microsoft TechEd (2010,2011,2012,2013)
  • Microsoft TechDays (2014, 2017, 2018)
  • Microsoft TechSummit (2016, 2017)
  • Microsoft Ready (2015)

Group Development Training
My main focus for the Swedish armed focus has been to deliver training on group dynamics and personal leadership. I have developed many of the exercises and practical parts of training that is still in use today. I have also taken the experiences and materials to many of my other courses and engagements to bring a 360-view of people and the chemistry of groups.

Presentation Skills
For IAMCT I developed the certification course that today is used to examine all Microsoft Certified Trainers by IAMCT. I love soft-skills and how to manage a classroom, there is almost nothing like it. The joy of sharing your knowledge and building every student up so they can reach their goals is hard to top.

Gender & Equality
I have experiences from driving communities within commercial entities and engaging in activism within LGBTQ and take those experiences to my presentations and courses. I also draw experiences from my work with youth in the athletic field and with young women. I am a firm believer that all people are created equal and that culture, norms and biases create inequality.

As I now work for Microsoft I do not provide training on a regular basis within IT as it would be a strange to both represent Microsoft and to provide training in competition with all the fantastic Microsoft Partners out there. The only exception is that I in my role as a military instructor do deliver some IT training for the Swedish armed forces but only in uniform.